Front End Developer and Graphic Design

Current Role

Web Solutions Manager - SWPP, Houston TX
Multi-faceted skills

Social media and traditional marketing with strengths in forming a cohesive, targeted and holistic strategy for top business returns. Corporate Communications with substantial in-house Human Resources experience. Combined with an eye for process improvement via Six Sigma methodologies, strong interpersonal skills and tenacious ability to prioritize, the most aggressive goals are easily met. Interface and Graphic Design with a penchant for typography and subtle art. Provided visual communication collateral for a wide array of purposes including B2B sales pitches, employee promotions, corporate and partner branding. Web development with comfort zones in both Windows/IIS, Mac and LAMP environments. Comfortable with PHP, Javascript, CSS, Ruby on Rails. High premium on combining marketing goals and business outcomes with design and technical ability. Competencies: eCommerce, Front-end Development languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript & JQuery, Sass, Ruby on Rails), Corporate Communications, Branding and identity, interface design, social media and traditional marketing,